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Panipuri is a very popular street snack in the Indian subcontinent. Itís a treat people love to eat and enjoy anytime of the day or at night.


Panipuri originated from the Uttar Pardesh region of India. It may have originated from Banares.


Panipuri (Hindi) पानीपूरी,(Marathi) पाणीपुरी, term used in Western India, also known as Gol Gappa (North India), Phuchka (Bengal), bataashaa or Gup chup in Orissa and south India. Pani Puri is also a delicacy in Nepal.


It comprises a round, hollow "puri", fried crisp and filled with a watery mixture of tamarind, chilli, chaat masala, potato, chopped onion and chickpeas. Its size is small enough to fit in the mouth.


Panipuri is a hollow, puffed, round dough with a crunchy shell. The shell by itself is tasty, and it taste even better when it is filled with a spicy potato-based mixture and dipped in masala water. The stuffing is prepared separately, and inserted into the panipuri through a hole made in the shell by a thumb or a small spoon. It is then dipped in the masala water and served.


It is the associated stuffing and recipe of the masala water that makes it unique. The stuffing and water recipes vary from region to region, and the regional names vary also.


Traditionally, panipuris are eaten by placing the entire puri into the mouth in one go and biting into it. This releases a barrage of different tastes. You can also enjoy it with curd and different types of masalas and sev etc.



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